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Pascal-Файловые утилиты

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Extract the file portion to binary image

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This Unit was designed to allow you the user to save and restore several bodies of text or information into a single file and restore that information based on a single LONGINT

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Convert the binary file to a bit-asm formatting text file.

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Программа создания меню из списка файлов, найденных по заданной маске (например, *.pas).

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ZAP - Directory Killer v1.0

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This small program replaces all occurences of any character to another character you want

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This small program create a file with specified size in Kbytes for testing purposes. It writes/read the file and calculates an average read/write time.

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This unit alows to read/write records in indexed files

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This short program deletes a file, and if you undelete it, it does not contain the original information

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Object oriented access to directories. The routines in the PDir unit are based almost entirely on the object-oriented extensions in Turbo Pascal 5.5. The user should be familiar with the stream, node and list types found in the Objects unit provided in OOPDEMOS.ARC found on the Turbo 5.5 distribution disks.

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