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Pascal-Сетевое программирование

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UNIT for use IPX communication protocol primitives in Pascal

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Библиотека под NetBios, написанная по книге Дитеpа Веттига "Novell Netware для пользователя"

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Full source of NetBios interface unit for Turbo Pascal 6. this will most likely work just as well on older versions of pascal as well. Also included DOC file about NetBios, written by Tom Thompson and copyrighted by CBIS, Inc

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IPX 1.0. This unit allows the sending of IPX packets over a Novell network. See the other file which is a chat program for info on how to use this unit: CHATER BOX v0.5

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PRQue - is the BP7.0 source code of an object which opens a printque on novell netware 311 without using a LPT port. It can be run in REAL and PROTECTED modes

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Исходники, написанные и собранные Сергеем Коровкиным для программирования "Нетвари". Включают в себя: - Определение списка пользователей - Отправка сообщений по сети - Получение информации о сервере - Login/Logout и получение паролей

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Получение полного списка клиентов файл-сервера

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This unit implements assorted services related to the Novell NetWare operating system. This unit accesses the NetWare Application Program Interfaces (or APIs). Routines are provided in the following areas: - File and Directory services - Messaging Services - Transaction Tracking Services - Print Spooler Control - Peer to Peer comminication (using IPX and SPX).

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Пpосмотp, создание и пеpемещение очеpедей в NetWare для библиотеки _nwAPI 1.2

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SWLANLIB is library of Turbo Pascal procedures and functions, which allows you to write network programs

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