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Показано: 11-13. Всего исходников в разделе: 13

TP-BUFFER v1.1. Pascal source to use the keyboard buffer. Read char WITHOUT wait; Read SCAN CODE from buffer; ERASE buffer; Full documentation, Public domain software

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Unit to check up/down status of individual key flags. As most of this code is scancode-dependent some keys may not be where they "should" on your keyboard.

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Turbo Pascal E-Z keyboard interface unit; contains a greatly enhanced readkey function (getkey), error-free numeric input routines for inputting signed and unsigned integers and real numbers (readint, readno, and readreal), string input procedures with line editing and the ability to limit input width (readstr and editstr), and many handy miscellaneous routines. Does not use the CRT unit; requires a compatible BIOS

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