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An Interactive IBM PC/AT CMOS RAM Setup Program originally by Tyler Ivanco and Bob Kamins. Version 2.1 by Kenneth Herron

Скачано: 3316 · Комментарии: 0 · Рейтинг:

TESTCMD 1.00. An x86 Opcode Execution Test program

Скачано: 2143 · Комментарии: 0 · Рейтинг:

Функция для чтения даты создания BIOS

Скачано: 2057 · Комментарии: 0 · Рейтинг:

Описание принципов программирования джойстика с примерами кода

Скачано: 2008 · Комментарии: 0 · Рейтинг:

TMi0SDGL Revision 2 Version 2.01 The Best x86 CPU/FPU Detection Library. Released as copyrighted free software. Copyright(c) 1996 by B-coolWare

Скачано: 1961 · Комментарии: 0 · Рейтинг:

-+ TMi0SDGL(tm) V1.16BETA +- CPU/FPU Feature Detection Library by B-coolWare.  Recognizes 25+ CPUs and about 15 FPUs, checks for V86, determines CPU clock speed and determines 386dx chip stepping.  ASM/PAS/C[++] sources included!  Windows, OS/2 & DESQview-aware: works fine in DOS box, even returning correct MHz under Windows and DESQview!  Differs i486 and Cx486 models.  DPMI-compatible.  Make batches and file provided.  Absolutely free of charge!!!

Скачано: 1918 · Комментарии: 0 · Рейтинг:

The Multi Joystick Interface is a device that makes it possible to connect up to six digital joysticks (Atari type) to the parallel port of your PC. For test (or two player gaming) purposes, two joysticks can be emulated by the keyboard, so you can try out the games before you actually decide to build an interface.

Скачано: 1829 · Комментарии: 0 · Рейтинг:

USR Courier Flash ROM Ripper [DOS]  Includes Fossil Support  Includes XMODEM Support  Includes i80186/80188 Disassembler

Скачано: 1798 · Комментарии: 0 · Рейтинг:

Code to initialize and read PC sticks. JOYSTICK Unit for Turbo Pascal. Public Domain by JonSoft Technologies Inc.

Скачано: 1775 · Комментарии: 0 · Рейтинг:

This program is a simple CPU-Identifier for MS-DOS-Machines. It distinguishes between 386dx and 386sx, 486dx and 486sx

Скачано: 1685 · Комментарии: 0 · Рейтинг:

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